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BloxPoint is the #1 Roblox Reward System that enables you to earn Free Robux.

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Join BloxPoint by registering your account. You'll receive free R$ immediately once you're registered.

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Earn robux by doing simple tasks: Playing games, Install free apps, completing surveys or inviting friends.

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What is BloxPoint?

BloxPoint is a reward website that enables you to earn and get real free Robux.

How to earn Robux?

You can earn by playing games, installing apps or answering surveys.

Is it free to earn Robux here?

Yes, earning robux from various tasks in BloxPoint is absolutely free.

How much robux can I get?

You can earn and get robux as much as you want. Some players got hundreds of robux, while other got thousands of robux. It's depend on the activities you completed from Bloxpoint.

How will you give Robux?

We give robux from our Roblox Group's Fund. Make sure you join to our group. The group link is shown in our withdraw robux page.

Is my Roblox account safe here in BloxPoint?

Yes, you will only enter your username to receive your earned robux. We never ask for your roblox password.

Why you give Free Robux?

We are roblox gamers. We know the importance of robux and feel everyone's need of having it. There are thousands of scam robux generator sites that deceive users, with the promise of giving free robux. We want to eliminate this harmful practice, by providing safe and easy ways to earn real robux online.

How can BloxPoint afford to pay robux to its users?

Giant companies like Google and Facebook receive billions of dollars each year from advertisers. Advertisers routinely spend a huge amount of money to get your attention on the internet. It's just that normally you never see a penny of it. BloxPoint receive money from advertisers, then buy robux and redistributes it back to our users.

Why should I use BloxPoint website?

You should use BloxPoint because:

- We give real Robux.

- We restock our robux very quickly.

- We have various methods to earn robux than most other websites.

Our Sponsors

BloxPoint gratefully acknowledges the marketing investments of our sponsors. Their support, along with that of our members, helps make it possible to accomplish all that we do.

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